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The Healing Power of Cryotherapy

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the local or general exposure of the body to subzero temperatures to promote overall health and wellness and to help relieve pain.  During a cryotherapy session, clients enter a Cryocabin, which releases cryogenically cooled air up to -280°F for 2-3 minutes. 


Cryotherapy is a revolutionary treatment used to promote recovery and overall wellness.

What Happens?

Within 20-40 seconds of entering the CryoCabin, the cabin's interal temperatures rapidly cool, pulling the blood supply from the extremities in the body in an attempt to protect itself. The blood is then pushed to the core where it is enriched with nutrients, oxygen, and endorphins.


As temperatures normalize, the blood vessels expand, and flood the body with the oxygen and nutrient rich blood, creating an enhanced feeling of well-being. Clients often report feeling refreshed and energized following a session.

Whole body Cryotherapy is used by professional athletes, Olympians, and pro teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, and Floyd Mayweather are all known to use whole body cryotherapy for pain relief , recovery, and to help achieve peak performance.

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